Design and Production

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Trends and Design
Fábrica de Alpargatas

1- The first step in creating a collection is selecting new materials and colours from national and international trade fairs.

2- After analysing trends we decide on new designs, prepare the patterns and define the various lines in the collection.


Espadrilles Manufacturer

Cutting and Sewing

3- Production begins with the cutting process, which uses dies to cut the leather or other material for a particular model.

4- At this stage of the process the various pieces that make up the espadrille are machine-sewn.


Spanish espadrilles

Stamping and Insoles

5- A thermal press is used to stamp our clients´ brands onto the insole or heel pad.

6- After stamping the brand, the insoles or heel pads are inserted into the shoes.



designer espadrilles


Jute sole

7- Jute is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly raw material. These natural fibres are used to make the braid which is then wound around itself to form the sole. The sole is then sewn together using stitches from one side to the other. A rubber band is added so than the shoes last longer, in a process called vulcanisation.


Sewn by hand

8- We spin, we braid, we sew. We do it the way it used to be done – by hand, and one at a time. We’re craftsmen, and we’ve learned from the best. Hand stitching is the secret behind the comfort of our espadrilles.


Espadrilles made in spain


Shaping and Packaging

9- In this process a special model called a last is placed inside the already sewn pairs od dhoes, which are then put in an oven to mould them at a temperature of roughly 120 degrees.

10- Lastly, each pair of espadrilles goes through a quality process and is later packaged and labelled. Once packaged, our espadrilles are then ready to be sent to our national and international clients.


Spanish espadrilles